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Alexander G. Weygers (1901-1989) has been likened to a modern-day da Vinci. A prolific sculptor of pieces hewn with his own handmade tools, he was also a wood engraver, photographer, carpenter, machinist, inventor, blacksmith, beekeeper and engineer. Long before the terms “reduce, reuse and recycle” were buzzwords, Weygers was a model of sustainable living, producing works of art, tools and machinery from salvaged objects. A scrapped dentist’s chair could become a hydraulic lift; a steel railroad track could be forged into an anvil. Weygers mentored hundreds of students in techniques of sculpture, wood engraving and toolmaking— always emphasizing the link between self-discipline and artistic freedom. Preserving Alexander Weygers’ legacy, the Weygers Foundation aims to help aspiring artists, makers and innovators fulfill their creative potential.

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7 Lessons for Innovators from an Otherworldly Thinker

liftthumbIn the latter part of his life, Alexander Weygers lived unobtrusively on a remote, oak-studded ranch, sheltered by a rustic home built from recycled materials, and fueled by a conviction to make as little money as possible.

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