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The Weygers Foundation helps aspiring artists, makers and innovators fulfill their creative potential. In the spirit of Alexander G. Weygers, we believe that the highest attainment is to become a “free thinker in the arts” – yet too many creators are unable to achieve this freedom due to the rigid constraints of the modern educational system regarding creative expression. Unrealized potential today robs the world of future innovation. Through our comprehensive programs, the Weygers Foundation is working to ensure that would-be makers have the tools, resources and encouragement they need to answer their creative calling.

By preserving the art, personal artifacts, and memorabilia of Alexander G. Weygers, we aim to inspire others with Weygers’ philosophy of living simply yet creating abundantly. Guided by this philosophy, our maker workshops connect bright minds with creative mentors who can help aspiring makers realize their dreams. Our school programs are designed to bring art and shop classes back into public education, as well as build student engagement in engineering, technology, art and learning in general. By awarding scholarships to promising artists and makers in need of financial support, we open up new possibilities for innovation. To learn how you can get involved with the Weygers Foundation, click here.

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