The greatest accomplishment of the Weygers Foundation has been resurrecting and preserving the legacy of Alexander Weygers himself. When we discovered his molds languishing at a foundry, we had no idea the journey on which we would be going.

We realized the long roster of students whose lives Weygers touched long ago. They continue to be influenced by his example. Our mission became to expand this number of students by telling the man’s story. Now the mission has become a movement.

Our achievements include:

  • 2017: 2nd Annual Harvest Summit - November 10. A celebration of the art and science and social impact of innovation.
  • 2017: Carmel Film Festival - October 21. Screening of No Limits: The Legend of Alexander Weygers at 10AM at Carmel High School.
  • 2017: Completed documentary “No Limits: The Legend of Alexander Weygers.” Click here to view.
  • 2017: Completed Phase I of Weygers Museum build-out (tours by appointment)
  • 2017: Future sculpture garden to be developed and completed by end of 2018 (looking for Corporate Sponsorship)
  • 2016: Real estate investor purchased part of original Weygers Property in late in 2016 to have it serve as both a home for his art and a headquarters for the Weygers Foundation.
  • 2016: Constructed a one-of-a-kind Weygers Foundation booth, which was the hit of the Maker Faire and other conventions.
  • 2016: Lift book published in November. Click here to view video.
  • 2015: Founding the nonprofit Weygers Foundation, dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the man’s legacy well into the 21st century and beyond. We have published and sold Weygers’ art to fund the foundation.
  • 2014: Writing LIFT: 7 Lessons for Innovators from an Otherworldly Thinker. This book is both a tribute to Weygers, as well as an articulation of what modern Makers and innovators can take from his example.
  • 2014: Interviewing dozens of Weygers contacts, including students and long-lost family members. These interviews exist in print and video formats.
  • 2005: Assembling the world’s largest collection of Alexander Weygers art, including paintings, photos, metal work, engravings, written work, and most significantly, his sculpture.
  • 2005: Putting together a dossier on Weygers’ Discopter, including his blueprints, visionary renderings, patent application, and correspondence with potential manufacturers, colleagues, and media.
  • 2005: Accumulating a world-renowned collection of flying saucer literature and art to accompany the Discopter.

Photo Gallery

Young people come here and seem to find something they are hungry for, something they approve of,” Weygers said. “And I tell them, ‘Never be in debt, never harm anybody, and never be in (debt) to the government. That way nobody, but nobody, will ever have a right to complain about you or to interfere with your life.’ I tell them to simplify things – find out how little they can get along with. Then they can be free.
Alexander G. Weygers

We Pledge to Support the Makers of Today in Crafting Our New Tomorrow!

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