Currently the Weygers Foundation is accepting applications for the below contests:

Discopter Wall Art

Submit your best flying saucer artwork for a chance to win a cash prize. We are looking for imaginative, unique imagery, and will accept any medium and size, whether created digitally or through traditional methods. This is a chance to gain recognition and publicity for your art. All submissions must be able to hang on a wall, and must be an original work by the person submitting it.

Virtual Reality Discopter Tour

We are looking to create an immersive and interactive virtual reality experience in which one could tour the interior of a Discopter. We are open to different possibilities for how this experience could be built, but all submissions must be based on the original Discopter patent designs (see the link below). All submissions must be compatible with virtual reality goggles.

3D Discopter CAD model

3D Designers and artists are invited to submit their CAD designs for the Discopter. The final selection will be used for 3D printing, production of toys and model kits.

Airworthy Discopter Drone Body

We are accepting submissions for Discopter-shaped exterior drone bodies. All submissions must have internal rotors, and follow the original Weygers patent designs. The final design will be produced via vacuform press and sold to benefit the Weygers Foundation.

To enter your submission, email us at and include the name of the contest in the subject line.

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