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Bridging the worlds of art and innovation, the Weygers Foundation continues the legacy of Alexander G. Weygers by fostering student engagement in art, engineering, science, technology and learning in general. Weygers was a firm believer that knowledge in a wide breadth of subjects—and proficiency in a variety of trades – were the keys to self-reliance. It’s through this multi-disciplinary lens that the Foundation strives to give would-be makers the tools and resources they need to achieve their creative potential. We offer school programs, maker workshops and scholarship opportunities for aspiring artists and innovators. Our museum exhibit offers a first-hand exploration into the fine art, writing, teachings, personal artifacts and memorabilia that are testimony to Weygers’ contribution of artistic achievement and innovation.

Books & Documents
Besides his artwork in sculpture, painting, photography and wood engraving...

Artist Resources
Since the very beginning the Weygers Foundation has worked to get local communities...

Weygers Museum
Through exploration, contemplation, inquiry, artistic expression, and action, visitors...

We Pledge to Support the Makers of Today in Crafting Our New Tomorrow!

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