Alexander G. Weygers was born in Java, Indonesia in 1901. As a child, he was schooled in languages and penmanship by his mother, and he learned blacksmithing by assisting his father in his forge. As an adult he studied engineering, but in 1928, the tragic loss of his wife and baby in childbirth caused him to devote his life to the pursuit of fine art. Weygers learned monumental stone carving under the mentorship of Lorado Taft out of Chicago, studied human anatomy at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands, and continued stone carving in Florence, Italy under the tutelage of Ettore Masi. He learned endgrain wood engraving in Paris, France from Paul Bornet, one of the last surviving old world masters in the art form. Weygers created many of his famous sculptures from his homestead in Carmel Valley, where he offered sculpting and blacksmithing courses out of his home. Here, he became a local legend, renowned as an artist and teacher.

The Alexander G. Weygers Exhibit features the definitive collection of his work, comprising more than 100 sculptures, drawings, and photos. Also showcased is a collection of Weygers' writing, including his books and the original patent for the first flying saucer, which he called the Discopter. Housed in Carmel Valley, California, on the property where Weygers built his home and studio, the exhibit is situated in the very place where the famed artist created his greatest work and taught thousands of students who carry forth his legacy today.

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The tremendous waste of our society has made my way of life possible, Americans throw out things because they have a compulsion for newness.
Alexander G. Weygers

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