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The Weygers Foundation has been created to inspire innovators to stay on course. We are creating awareness about self sustainability, provideresources, and encouragement they need to answer their creative calling. By preserving the art, personal artifacts, and memorabilia of Alexander G. Weygers, we aim to inspire others with this "modern Leonardo Divinci’s" philosophy of living simply yet creating abundantly. Guided by his leadership, the Foundation plans to raise substantial money to award scholarships and contributing to community programs ( i.e STEM) that help to further the availability of programs to foster creativity. We believe that by awarding these scholarships to promising creative individuals in need of financial support, we create opportunities for a new generation of innovators to lead a mission-driven life.

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My joy comes from discovery & invention, when I get an idea, I want to prove it.
Alexander G Weygers

We Pledge to Support the Makers of Today in Crafting Our New Tomorrow!

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