The Weygers Foundation provides grants to qualified educational institutions in order to support their scholarship programs. Funds donated on behalf of the Weygers Foundation will assist the institution in providing scholarships for applicants who show promise as artists, makers and innovators, and whose work reflects the Foundation's mission of creative expression, multidisciplinary innovation and self-sustainability.

Weygers Art Scholarship
Every year, The Weygers Foundation provides a scholarship opportunity to an art student whose work shows outstanding creativity, resourcefulness and innovation. This scholarship award will be applicable toward tuition for coursework that allows the student to obtain a greater breadth of knowledge, which will then inform and inspire his or her artistic expression.

Entrepreneurial and Sustainability Programs
From time to time when warranted we support outside programs that are cultivating entrepreneurial and sustainability programs to educate our youth about contributing positively to the environment.

Throughout the year, The Weygers Foundation contributes funds to qualified programs in the bay area to support the furtherance of STEM in our education system.

Ted Talk and Exhibit Touring Opportunities

Wood Working Classes
In mid- 2018 we will host woodworking classes for a fee with a variety of types classes to test your skills. Check in March to view program announcement and sign up.

Photo Gallery

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.
Theodore Levitt

We Pledge to Support the Makers of Today in Crafting Our New Tomorrow!

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